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    "Create Book from Page" Question


      In the Table of Contents Pod, I can right-click on a topic/page and select "Create Book from Page." When I do so, the resulting "book" is not selectable. I have to bring in the page again and place it below the "Book" title. This can't be right! What am I doing wrong, or what should I be doing?

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          Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You're doing everything right. When you use this feature, RoboHelp

          creates a book without a topic linked to it and leaves the topic. You

          must manually associate the topic with the book and remove the topic.


          You can submit a change request for this behaviour using the following


          The more people wish for a feature, the more likely it is that Adobe

          will implement it.


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            tburton@zebra.com Level 1

            Here's what I found as to how to associate a topic with the book:


            You’ll have to create a topic to associate with that book. Here’s one way to do that:

            • Right click the book icon in the Table of Contents (TOC).
            • Point to New in the right-click menu. Then, click Page in the sub-menu that displays.

              This places that topic in the level under that book. Now you just need to associate that topic with that book (so that when you click on the book, this topic displays). 

            • Right-click the book icon again. This time select Properties in the right-click menu that displays. This displays the TOC Book Properties dialog.
            • Select the checkbox preceding Book with Link on this dialog. Now, scroll through the Existing Topics list to locate the topic you want to associate with that book. Click that topic in the list. Then, click OK on the dialog.

              To see if your topic is now associated with your book: 

            • Right-click the book icon. If options Edit Item and Preview topic display on the right-click menu, you have been successful in associating that topic with that book. By the way, once you have associated a topic with a book, you must right-click the book icon to view or edit that topic from the TOC pod. (Of course, you can always edit it directly using the Topic List or Project manager pods.)


            But... (see the second bullet above) After I click "page" I think it wants me to select a page from the list of topics. When I select the proper page and continue through the process, the topic page is still below the Book title and the Book still isn't clickable!


            It appears I'm doing something wrong on the association part, but I don't know what!

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              tburton@zebra.com Level 1

              Solved it!


              Right-click on the Book. Go to Properties. Make sure Book with Link is checked (check it if not). Scroll through the list of topics until you find the one with the same name. Click OK. Then delete the topic entry.


              Here's where the trap was....... The Book heading still "doesn't work" in the Table of Contents pod, but when the chm file is created it works as expected!