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    Username Log-In Issues

    TilthProducers Level 1

      Our account was used by an employee that is no longer here. We would like to switch it back to a general e-mail that's not associated with any particular employee. We at one point had used that e-mail and then changed it to the employees, but it won't let us change it back and it says that that account is already in use.

      Any ideas?

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          Lucia Lao Employee Moderator


            The employee will have to log in to FormsCentral to make this change.  If you have the employee-USERID/password to log in to FormsCentral, then after logging in, you can select the person icon on the upper right corner and select "My Information". At this dialog you can make the changes.

          If you have no way to sign in as the employee, then please contact Adobe customer support to help you with this issue.




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            TilthProducers Level 1

            I tried to do that but it says that, "Email address already in use"
            How can I contact adobe support?