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    Installing Project

    clangton Level 1

      I have fairly large set of movies and sound files that go with my program. The projector is accompnaied by these two huge folders.


      Is there any way to hide these folders before installing the program on Mac. The reason why I am concerned only for Mac is that in Mac, the program gets installed in the Applications folder right next to the icon for the projector. This folder containing all the necessary files for the programis readily visible to the user.  Is there some way when someone opens this folder, they wont see the sound and the movie files that are in it. In my mind, they are a bit of dirty laundry and I want to keep them away from the eyes of the user. The movie files are all protected and cannot be opened but the sound files are all  plain files. I am less concerend about ripping than just having an elegant solution.


      Thanks for help.