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    Links not transferring from Mac OSX to Windows


      We have one Mac and two Windows machines in the office. Our Indesign CC documents link to images on the file server. The file server was really messy so I cleaned up the folders and relinked our documents using my Mac. Now, the new paths are not showing up on the Windows PCs until they relink them but my Mac is showing everything fine. I've had the Mac about a year now and we've never had any problems with the paths up until today (the PCs use network shares as opposed to mapped drives). Why would this happen and how could I fix this?

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          tman69 Level 3

          "why would this happen..."  you ask....all 3 computers were linked to a file server--and you moved the files--of course the links are severed.


          the MAC has nothing to do with it except the files were moved from the MAC so 'it' knows the path--doing the same thing from one of the PCs would create the same problem (one machine would know the paths--the others would not).


          the 'easiest' way to solve this is--open every indesign file from each of the machines (not at the same time) and 'relink' all linked files--save each file--then do not move the files again...ever


          'or' create a better 'workflow' on your server ( that will take awhile as there are 'many' possible options).


          one idea (since you like 'organizing')

          create a folder structure with a 'system' by job number, by client number, by client name, etc

          move each clients jobs to their 'folder'--open each indesign document and relink it's links--then--'package' each job and keep the packaged folder (which will include copies of it's links) in that clients folder (hope you have server space, or the 'easiest' way mentioned above will be the only way to go)--then you can organize the 'original' links on the server into some form of structure like 'assets>client assets>logos, fonts, etc, etc--THEN only open files -from any machine- that are 'packaged' work on them, save them, etc to same location--and 'do not' move those folders

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            andrewcole50 Level 1

            Well I knew the links would be severed. But after I moved the links I went through all of our documents and relinked them. Normally if I relink something on the Mac, those changes show up for the Windows PCs as well and everythings great. BUT this time I relinked everything but the Windows PCs did NOT see the changes. In their Links Pane, it still showed the old paths to the old folders and everything. It was like all the work I went through to relink things didn't happen, but when I open the same docuements up I see the new links I did. Having to relink everything twice has never been an issue and honestly shouldn't be a problem.


            Sorry if I didn't explain that well in my first post, thanks for the reply!

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              Something is really wrong, then. If you've saved a file with new link information you should not be seeing old paths on either platform. It's possible the PC is having trouble with Mac-style paths in general, but they should be pointing to the correct locations.

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                andrewcole50 Level 1

                I was talking to my coworkers more this morning about it and they brought up that for the past couple weeks we have been "fighting" over modified links. There were about 3 links in the current catalogs that would show as modified when I would open the file. So I would update them and then when my coworker would open the file up later the same images would be modified so he would update them. Next time he would open the file it'd be fine but if I opened the file and updated he would have to update it the next time he opened. I suppose this could be related.


                The other kicker is that when one of the Windows PCs relinks, it works for everyone. So for a quick fix I brought in my Windows laptop today to relink everything but now I'm afraid my Macs changes to documents won't be seen by the other PCs in the building.

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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  the modified links fight sounds like a time-synch issue on the network.