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    Photoshop CS6 Quit working ERROR 16


      Ever since i updated to Mav's on Mac Pro entire Adobe Suite CS6 fails to run


      all error 16.


      followed ADOBE FIX instuctions on "Error 16" permisions. Nothing worked. Removed product, reinstalled product, nothing works.

      Re-installed Maverics. still does not work.


      I called Apple, they said it is a known issue with Adobe Licnece server to contact adobe for patch and support.


      Adobe does not have a phone number to call because all their products are so disfunctinal they cant post a phone number as it would overload circuits.


      How do i fix it.  ADOBE of course wants me to rent the apps with the cloud thing... Yea nice exstortion break everyones CS6 Creative products and force them to rent them back.


      Please help if you have a solution.


      I have done the permission thing, still error 16


      Kind Regards,


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          Kartikay_Sharma Adobe Employee

          Hi OjaiMOAB,


          We are really sorry for the trouble caused by this .


          I believe when you have migrated from your older machine to the New Mac, you used Time Machine for the same ? If you did my suggestion would be to remove the product once , navigate to /Lib/Applicationsupport and rename the Adobe folder . Post this ,please reinstall the product again .


          Please do let us know if this worked for you or not.



          Kartikay Sharma