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    HTML5 to Flash SWF

    GraphicsGeezer Level 1

      Is there a way to convert HTML5 Fla file to an ordinary SWF Fla file?


      There are too many things the HTML5 option just doesn't handle well.

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          moccamaximum Level 5

          You should be able to copy the library from you canvas-fla to an empty as3 fla

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            Nipun Asthana Adobe Employee

            Copy-pasting of stage-objects, library-items, timeline layers and frames etc., all work across different doc-types in Flash Pro just like before. So, you shouldn't have any problems in reusing your contents in a different doc-type. When you copy-paste something that is not supported in the current doc-type, you get a warning message about that as well.


            An easy way to achieve what you want would be:

            1. Select all the timeline-layers in your current document.

            2. Right Click -> 'Copy Layers'

            3. Goto your new document, Right click on the timeline-layer -> 'Paste Layers'.

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