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    Text Field Size


      What I am wanting to do is in a contract when someone types in something then the text to the left shifts down some. For example if you have something that looks like "I (input name) use adobe products. What I want is if someone's name is like Old Bill then it will only take so much space, where as a name like Arnold Schwarzenegger is much longer and I don't want the font to become smaller, I would want the text to shift to the right to fit the extra letters. Microsoft Word does this, how do I get it done in Life Cycle.

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          Magus069 Level 4

          You probably want to leave blank space in a paragraph so the name that is inserted certifies something??


          something like this: I, 'insert name', certifies that all the information provided is correct and correspond to the criterias.


          You can have an object Text (label) that has all the text you want. You can have a TextField on top of that label and when you exit that textfield, insert the value inside the label like this:

          text30.rawValue = "I, " + textfield15.rawValue + ", certifies that...."


          Or you can have a button, and on click you show a response message box which asks for a name


          var strName = xfa.host.response("Please insert your name.");

          if (strName != null){

               text30.rawValue = "I, " + strName + ", certifies that..."




          It would be more convenient to use as an input name then a textfield in the middle of a label