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    How can a button be turned back into regular object

    jenniferkolanek Level 1

      Once an object is converted to a button how can it be changed back (have the button properties removed?) There doesn't seem to be an obvious way to do this, but I can't imagine Adobe hasn't allowed for this...

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Ah, but there is a way: Select the button with the Selection tool, then choose


          Object > Interactive > Convert to Object

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            Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            @Steve – yes, but only the active state will be converted and survive.

            All other states (and their objects) will be removed.


            I hope Adobe will change this in a future version. A good example for releasing states are MSOs (Multistate Objects) where you can release all states at once without losing objects.


            @Jennifer – In InDesign a Button object can consist of max. 3 states:

            "Normal", "Mouse Over" and "Click".


            To retrieve all 3 states, have your Buttons Panel and your Layers Panel open.


            1. Select your button

            2. Go to the Objects menu chose Select => Contents

            OR: go to the Layers Panel, flip open the tiny triangle on your Button object and select the state, eg. "[Normal]"

            3. Now copy/paste to the page or hold down the alt key and drag out a copy of this state to the page

            4. Ungroup the pasted object (states in essence are groups, even if they consist of one single object)


            To retrieve the next state, go to your Buttons Panel, select the next state and repeat steps 3 and 4.


            From my German UI of InDesign CS5.5:


            Whole Button selected:




            [Normal] State selected:



            [Mouse Over] State selected:




            [Click] State selected:




            When working with states you'll never see all states at the same time in the Layers Panel.
            Adobe should change that, too…