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    Resizing a RAW Smart Object in a PSD


      So I Have a PSD file with one pixel bearing layer that is a Smart Object of a Canon 5D2 RAW file.  the rest of the PSD consists of adjustment layers with masks. 


      I ended up resizing the image to about 2000px wide and accidently clicked the "save" button when i was exiting Photoshop CC without undoing the resize.  Thus i now have a PSD file that is of lesser pixel quality than i want. 


      But... the RAW file in the Smart Object is still the same full size RAW file. If i where to resize the PSD back to the size of the RAW file would it resample that layer or would it just resample the Masks on the Adjustment Layers?

      Id like to find a way back to before the untimely save on exit.