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    All-of-Sudden file hangs on PC.  After saving on Mac. Used to take file between systems. What gives?

    Les Galusha

      I began a project on AE CC on my PC with most updated version of After Effects.
      I have been moving this project between my PC and Mac with no problem  --  for 8 months.

      No plug-ins used.


      All of a sudden the file will HANG on the PC.

      This occurred after making a simple chage or two on my Mac and saving the project.

      The change was nothing more than some adjustments to simple effects like HSL effect.


      The odd thing is that it has been working fine with this workflow for 8 MONTHS.

      Routinely -- I Open on AE CC on PC.  Make Changes.  Save as CS6 so I can open on Mac AE CS6.

      Open on MAC CS6.  Make changes.  Save

      Repeat process. Blah.

      8 mos later...White Screen After Effects "TRIES" to preview a frame but hangs indefinately.

      I can go back to a way previous version with luck but...


      Well, anyone have any ideas to get the project to be more compliant.