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    IdeoSpaceBehavior; diacritic positioning (problem in CS6-dutch version)

    stekker Level 1

      hi everyone,


      I would like to post my link again of my previous call for help some time ago.

      so everybody can read my problem in this conversation:




      in the meantime, there is no solution yet...


      I installed the indesign CS6 from scratch again and had hoped to get rid of the annoying problem by starting all over... but it is still there in every document that I work with... it doesn't matter of wich publisher it comes from (Germany, England, France).


      I also tried to save my book in the foreign language first as a .idml an then open it again in my CS6... but my paragraph styles still have the same meassage.


      in my previous call for help, some smart gentlemen thought this could be a bug in my version.


      my question is: why am I the only person who has this ideospacebehavior-problem?

      I installed another version of CS6 from the website...


      I understand, Joel, that you didn't have the time yet to write a script for this evil matter,

      but is there anybody else who can solve this? with a script?


      can I contact Adobe in another way (than this forum) and explain this matter?


      please help?