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    Not opening multiple RAW files


      If i open a Raw file in Bridge, it opens up perfectly. Also my jpegs and tiff open in RAW, so no problem there. The problem is, that I cannot open multiple Raw files from Bridge into Raw with the option "open in Camera Raw" So the shortcut cmd+R ( I am on a mac) does not work. It says that Raw has to be opened at least once. I have been using Raw for years now so it has been opened multiple times.

      I Can not seem to find a solution. I would really like to open up multiple edited Raw files at once, and in Raw give the order to rename them into JPEG. If you do that, you see Photoshop CC and a window that says how many convertions are left. So far so good...  but before, I was able to open up some new raw files in Camera Raw without having to wait for Photoshop to convert everything. Now I have to wait for a long time before I can make my new Edits. Can somebody please help me?

      I am using all updated software.



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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you are not, already, try using the ACR 8.4 RC (beta) from http://labs.abobe.com/ and see if it has the same problem.


          Also when referring to the PS Adobe Camera Raw plug-in, use “ACR” not RAW, otherwise it is confusing what you’re referring to, the plug-in or a raw file.


          Just to clarify, the situation you have is that single raw files can be opened into ACR using Cmd-R, but multiple raw files cannot and you get an error that ACR must be opened at least once?


          A similar error about needing to open a qualifying product at least once means you need to go into Photoshop and use Open on a raw file from PS and into ACR and then Open into PS.  Do that at least once and make sure that is not the situation. 


          When you say you are using all updated software, does that mean PS-CC 14.2.1 and ACR 8.3 and perhaps OS 10.9.2 on your Mac?

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            beneloy Level 1

            Hello SSPRENGEL,


            Thank you very much for your reply. My apologies for the mess up with RAW and ACR naming.

            The situation is, that I can not open any file with CMd-R. I can open single files with CMD-O. But I need to open multiple files at ones with CMD-R. It used to work good.

            The problem is, That I am in the business of school photography. I take the pictures as RAW files on an Nikon camera (nef) After I ajust all the pictures, I have to rename all of them to JPEG, just to get them online.

            I used to do that with ACR. But now the problem is, if I open a lot of picures with CMD-O, It opens up very good in ACR and I still can give the command to save all of these as JPEG. It workt great, but I have to wait a looooooong time before I can open up my next batch of pictures and start to adjust those. Normally, it would save the files as JPEG and I was able to open up a new batch of pictures in ACR right away. That saves me A LOT OF TIME. This only works if you can open the files with CMS-R. Strange...


            I updated my I-mac to 10.9.1 so I see that is not the newest. PS-CC is 14-2-1 x64 and I am using the beta ACR for now (8.4)


            I just tried to open a RAW file in photoshop with the normal open command and it lauches ACR perfectly. But again from within Adobe bridge I still get the same error about needing to open a qualifying product at least once.

            Stange isn't it?


            Thank you very much for your time!



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              ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Opening a single raw file in PS via ACR should reset whatever Bridge is seeing as not being authorized.  Perhaps it is time to reset everything by uninstalling, running the CC Cleaner, and reinstalling:




              If you have multiple files selected does right click (or the Mac equivalent) Open in Camera Raw from the little menu work or not?  You say it works for single images but are saying you’re using Cmd-R for multiple images, if I’m reading what you’re saying right.  I always use the right-click Open in CR on Windows and am not sure what the Cmd-O and Cmd-R do and why you’d use one for a single image and one for multiple images.