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    Backwards compatability Id CC to CS6?

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      Hello all


      I've been asked to pose this question on behalf of my front-office coworkers who are struggling with editing documents created with Id CC in Id CS6. As of 2014 we are now a big merged company and our West Coast division is making marketing materials in the CC version of InDesign while us folks in the Midwest are still trying to wring the last bit of usefulness out of CS6. I don't see a high degree of sophistication in most of this material so I'd think we could work something out here until everyone gets on the same software boat.


      Since I'm not a regular user of either version of Id can someone lay out what is needed to ensure a decent level of backwards compatibility with documents made with CC? Is it as simple as in Photoshop where you can select maximize compatibility' or 'save as' a previously acceptable format (like .pm4 in the old Pagemaker)?


      Yeah, that last reference really shows my age eh?


      Thanks for any advice