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    Link Update to anchored Excel Tables adds an unwanted override


      I have a document with a dozen or so linked excel tables that are anchored in containers.  The containers include two objects: the unlinked table title box, which is anchored to the top of the box, and the linked excel table, which is anchored 2 pts below the the table title box.  Whenever I update the links, the update changes the paragraph style associated with the container, which alters how the excel table is seated in the container.


      I have tried a number of solutions, including changing the container's associated paragraph style, rebuilding the container object, rebuilding the table object, etc.  It's easy to fix the problem, I can either apply [Basic Paragraph] to the container, or clear overrides for the object.  But having to do it a dozen times a day seems like a waste of time.


      Does anyone have any ideas about how to change the behavior of my linked excel tables so that they don't add an improper style override?


      FYI, using InDesign 9.2; excel files are from my virtual windows machine, which uses Excel 2013.