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    URGENT Indesign tries to reload crashed file

    Fritschy Level 1

      Windows 7, Indesign CS6. Dutch version, so I may not use the right English terms. I'm a freelance typesetter.


      When I tried to paste a paragraph with an anchored frame in the text, Indesign stopped reacting (the 'timer icon', don't know the proper name for it, kept on turning, but nothing happened). So I pressed Ctrl-Alt-Del and restarted Indesign. It tried to reopen the file, but again nothing happened. I pressed Ctrl-Alt-Del again. Then I tried doubleclicking another Indesign file that had been open at the time and got the question 'Do you want to restore the file'; I answered 'yes' (maybe I shouldn't have done that). Same outcome. Now I tried doubleclicking an old file. Indesign automatically tried to restore the file (it appears), but again no success (I kept it running for over an hour). So I can't even use Indesign anymore.


      The file I was working on is a 800 page book, with lots of special items. I've been working on it for 6 long days now (and should deliver part of it next friday), so I'm not very happy at the moment. I just saved the earlier version of the file with another name, so I hope that one isn't corrupted.

      So, my questions are:

      -     How to restart Indesign?

      -     Can I save the last version?


      Thanks in advance.