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    Problem with footer in table style not applying paragraph style... or just me?

    Doug A Roberts Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      I'm having a niggling problem making a table style with cell/paragraph styles for the header, body, and footer respectively. I want to make it as simple as possible for other users but one thing keeps tripping me up. I'll try and describe with screenshots. I'm using InDesign CS5 on Windows 7.

      I have a table style set up with cell styles for the header, body, and footer, and paragraph styles for each as well. Say I'm converting a list of generic text to this table:



      i convert it to my table style. The body style is a numbered list:




      I convert the header to an, err, Header. The cell applies the header paragraph style as I should expect:




      I convert the footer likewise, but it maintains the Body text paragraph style as an override!




      So naturally I clear the override and it works fine. But of course, I'd rather it acted like the header row. I can't work out where the override on the footer comes from and why it operates differently in this respect to the header row. There is nothing different about how the styles are constructed. Have I made a mistake somewhere, or is this correct behaviour I'm misinterpreting, or something...?


      edit: Here is the file, if that will help: