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    Updated Animate 3.0 not opening old files & freezing


      I have updated to the new Animate version and cannot get one of my websites to open, all I get is a white screen with some text when I open the specific file.  Not sure why.  All other files work correctly for the other website projects I created in Animate.  I can create a new project and start from scratch but will get fired from job.  You can see my website at campark.com working fine for many months now I can't open the index file or the .an file at all in Animate.  Animate freezes with a white screen and some text from the footer.


      The hosts file is loaded correctly per other discussions in the forum.  I've reinstalled Animate and restarted.  I called customer service and they determined its my file and to use a backup.  Well I had backups from time machine and I went back many months testing each, and they do the same thing...freeze.  I'm about to revert to an earlier version that worked good but is there a fix out for this???

      Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 10.41.45 AM.pngThis is what I get when I open the index file for Campark.com.  It freezes on this screen.  Please help!!!