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    Photoshop Windows CS4 Screen Delays





      Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

      AMD Processor

      12 Gig Memory

      500 gig Drive



      CS4 version 11.0.2

      Memory allocated 8050

      Scratch Disk C

      History & Cache

         History 20

         Cache Level 4



      I have been using CS4 on my system for some time now, and sarting to notice it getting delays when opening a image, or trying to drag a crop outline? Mostly I notice it when I am trying to drag a crop mark around an image and I start to drag the point and it may take 3-5 seconds before the cursor line starts to appear? If I reboot the system, it will work fine for awhile, but then get gradually worse? Am I missing something in the settings.


      Thanks Jr