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    Error occuring when creating new folder.


      I am new to Robohelp and have been teaching myself the program to fix and upgrade my companies on line help system.  I believe the last time the help system was updated was 2009 and it was in Robohelp 8.   I have upgraded the program into Robohelp 11 and am starting to edit the project.   I am coming up against a few issues and have questions. 


      1.  How do you move the entire project file off the network location and make a local version.  My network is slow and seems to be causing errors.


      2.  I just tried to create a new folder in the main project folders for a new folder topic and recieved this error. Capture.PNG


      I apologize if these are silly questions.  I am no developer but I am trying to help my company upgrade our on line help!



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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          To move the project, from RoboHelp, look at your Project Manager pod. Right-click a topic and choose Explore. That will open Windows Explorer at your project location. Then close the project in RoboHelp.


          Now from that Windows Explorer window, click and drag the folder where the project is to your C drive. Personally, I always advise to create a folder named "Projects". ( C:\Projects ) then create folders inside that folder for each project.


          Now re-open the project in RoboHelp and you should be working on the local drive and all should operate much more efficiently.


          Likely the error resulted from working on the network. Network is never really advisable in my own opinion.


          If you want some training, I'd be happy to work with you on a contract basis.


          Cheers... Rick

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            kteneick Level 1



            Thank you for your feedback.  I am sorry I sound so uneducated with this program, but its because I am!  I may take you up on you offer and will be in touch.  Thanks again for your help!  I just copied the files onto my c drive.  Lets hope I have better success!