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    Edited image great on a Mac, BAD on a PC


      I work for a fashion company that recently hired me as part of a new team to get their product online for ecommerce. With that, they bought all new Macs, CS6, Wacom tablets, etc. The issue is that once I edit an image, I send it off the be approved where they view it on a PC screen. Oftentimes, especially with white on white and pastel colors, they are sending them back stating that there is no detail and the colors are desaturated. Obviously, they look great and true to the product on my screen, but its not transferring well.


      So I know the basics of the fact that I am looking at Tiff and PSD files, and they are viewing as jpegs (degradation!!!) And I have a beautiful big screen that is great for images, but is there a certain color profile or anything I can do on my end to be able to tell better what they may be viewing on their screen? I have had to take the whites down from pure white to more of a light grey (which they say looks great) and oftentimes, I have to bump the saturation so much that it looks overly saturated on my screen, but they say it looks fine.


      Suggestions? They are suggesting replacing my Mac with a PC to solve the problem, but I dont want to go there!!!


      Keep in mind that none of these images will be used for print purposes, so there is really no reason for CMYK. Most imaged process out at 1050x1516 @72dpi (although I work on much larger files then that.)



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Nothing to do with Mac vs. PC, well, at least not directly. Same old, same old: Read up on color management and how to use it and tell whoever is reviewing this to do the same. No point in tweaking colors on one system when the person on the otehr end doesn't care to calibrate his system as well.



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            Noel Carboni Level 8

            +1 to Mylenium's comment.


            It's all about color-management, and Macs can do it every bit as well as PCs.



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              gator soup Level 4


              also, you are probably going to look like the "problem" until the people down stream figure out why their color is off


              but here is my advice:


              hardware calibrate/profile your monitor and check it with a known reference image like the PDI Targets so you are sure what you are looking at


              be sure you Edit> Convert to Profile: sRGB (if not already there)

              and Save As with Embed Profile option checked


              at that point - if they are having color issues - their monitors are most likely out of calibration (or possibly they have wide-gamut monitors)...




              also if they are viewing your color in Photoshop, they could have their Edit> Color Settings> Color Management Policies set up to ignore profiles and 'assume' their working RGB -- hard to say with out knowing where they are seeing the problem


              also Photoshop View> Info pallet can sample areas for detail and tone in areas they say is off