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    Elements and Sony EX1


      Please can someone simply tell me if i can I import files from my Sony PMW EX1 into Adobe Premier Elements 12? Thank you.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          I am assuming that you are recording MPEG2 with a MXF container.


          From what I have read, Premiere Elements (any version) does not support the MXF container.


          Please check out Premiere Pro CS6/CC, the higher end product.



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            PaulLeather Level 1

            Thank you A.T. I am already familiar with CS6 and CC. I just don''t need such a sophisticated (and expensive) progamme.


            I need the ability to be able to ingest footage from the EX1 and peform a 'simple edit'


            Previously I used a Sony PD150 and took it intoFinal Cut Express 4 on an early Mac G5 (1.8 twin) But this can't deal with footage (MP2) from th EX1 and I can't up-spec the Mac machine as it's 8 years old and doesn't have Intel chips blah blah blah


            SO I'm looking for a way to use Premier (Elements)with my camera with a clever thrid party workaround OR another programme entirely.


            Clearly the best work around is for me to blow a few grand on new kit...there's just one draw back


            Thanks for your input

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              I have never used it (never had the need), but this converter has been talked up in other forums: http://www.freemxfconverter.com/


              Such conversion might be your only route to use MXF media in PrE.


              Good luck,



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                PaulLeather Level 1

                Thanks Hunt...I'll check it out



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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Thanks for your reply with further details of the workflow that you seek for editing MXF using Premiere Elements.


                  I have just seen and read the link that Hunt offers you for conversion of your MXF. It looks interesting and prehaps

                  you way to your goal if you Premiere Elements needs to be your video editor.


                  If you do try it and have the time, I am curious to learn how that conversion approach turned out, including the quality of the edited product that you obtain with this conversion workaround.





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                    PaulLeather Level 1

                    I will investigate and report back sometime soon AT



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                      PaulLeather Level 1

                      WELL... I thought I'd give free MXF converter a go on my old G5 first. I want to see if I can convert footage from my EX1 into suitable files for editing in Final Cut Express 4   Despite their site sayingthat  the MAC download is compatible with Mac os x 10.1-10.8 (mountain lion) my G5 tells me it is "not supported on this architecture" I have MAC OS X 10.5.8


                      Any clues people?


                      I can feel a headache coming on...

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                        A.T. Romano Level 7



                        What computer is your Premiere Elements 12 on now? Or otherwise put, what computers are available to you other than the G5?


                        No Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 64 bit?


                        I have never used a Mac computer, but, from a Windows world, I would ask "Any trick to run the program in a different compatibility mode in your G5 or set permissions to force a compatibility? Wishful thinking?