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    What is going on?!? FormsCentral > Issues... C'mon!

    SWDC Kodiak

      I spent hours adding new fields to a form while integrating PayPal. When I am successfully logged in, my changes are not being saved and I can't view the test form let alone the live form on my website. Why wouldn't Adobe send a mass email out explaining there would be issues rather than having to find out by searching through Adobe's FormsCentral Community Forum? I'm very dissappointed. When should we expect FormsCentral to be running at 110%?

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          Drewy62 Adobe Employee

          We are still investigating the failure and will post an update to the forum when the system is up and healthy. Sorry for the inconvience this is causing. Be assured the team is investigating as quickly as possible.


          Andrew Yarborough

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            Shannon Hickey Adobe Employee

            We have the system stable again and apologize for the impact.


            In regards to the question about a mass email, I'm including my response to another post with the same question:


            When an unexpected outage like this occurs we immediately pull all hands on deck to address the problem and resolve the issue as soon as possible. Hopefully before too many customers are impacted.


            Messaging all of our customers for short-lived system issues would be considered spammy. And once a short-lived issue has turned into a larger one, you've probably already felt the hurt and have seen the forum discussions. That being said, it is fair that you'd want some way to check on FormsCentral status. Would a status page be helpful?