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    Form field choice question.


      I am new...so this may be a very simple question to answer.

      How do I create a form field with a multiple choice box to check off AND a text box beside it for the respondant to fill in additonal information?

      I can do one or the other but not both together, on the same line,  which I need.

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          jcanepa Adobe Employee

          The answer will depend on exactly what you mean by "AND a text box beside it...".  You can add a Text field next to a Multiple Choice field, but it is one Text field next to one Multiple Choice field.  If the multiple choice field has 5 choices you will have 1 Multiple Choice field with 5 choices next to 1 Text field.  To achieve this you would create your multiple choice field and then click on the little "+" button next to the field to add a Text field.


          If instead you mean to have a Multiple Choice field where there is a text box next to each chioce, you cannot do that with the Multiple Choice field type.  You would design your field instead using Check Box field.  The design would be Check Box -> Text field -> next row Check Box -> Text Field, etc.  You could further customize this by applying Show/Hide logic to the Text fields.




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            Rhuby Level 1


            Worked out well and solved my problem.



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