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    Added frame, movie does not work


      I am making a technical animation basically a lot of lines showing hydraulic flow.

      A few action scripts...no problem. I have to a dead stop because when I add a regular frame or a keyframe the movie stops working so does the action scripts and there are no errors flashing at me.

      When I take that particular frame off (delete it) the whlole thing works again. I am new to this stuff so guys take it easy on me.  What can I provide to help you guys help me?


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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          move your movieclip to its own layer (eg, right click over your on-stage movieclip and click distribute to layers).  extend the movieclips layer (by adding a frame, not a keyframe).  retest.


          any problem?


          if not, add a keyframe to some other layer and add whatever additional graphics you want to display in that frame.

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