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    Topaz Signature Device on Windows 7 Pro and Acrobat X Pro

    david b

      I am having a unique (I think problem).   I had a system crash and purchased a new system for a POS customer.  They have been using Acrobat 10 Pro and a Topaz device for signature by customer when a purchase was made.  I cannot get Acrobat to recognize there is an Topaz Signature Pad though it is in the device list and setup like the other POS station.  I have followed the plug-in directions found in the community and under Adobe help.  Here are a couple I have followed to no avail.:




      http://help.adobe.com/en_US/acrobat/X/pro/using/WSAC8084C2-14F7-4841-9EF8-92106D22C3DB.w.h tml#WS080bbfe89d582fb1-c1537c713022de0a43-7fff


      There was an article on Adobe's web site dated approximately 2006 or so that detailed the installation of the topaz system and how to select it from the security section in preferences.  I cannot lay my hands on that at the moment but it doesn't allow me to select a topaz pad or any other.


      Any help would be apprectiated.


      David B