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      we embedded a form and it worked well for a week now it does not show up...it looks like its witing for the adobe forms server... then times out.  A better method to access assistance must exist, but I cant seem to find that..so I need help finding product support as well.

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          SWDC Kodiak

          Everyone is encountering the same issues. It's super frustrating. I know. Especially because Adobe didn't let its subscribers know there are issues with this service. And as you will see by searching through the posts, the last time anyone heard back from Adobe was almost 5 hours ago. Not very good response time. Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope whatever is going on will be resolved...

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            Shannon Hickey Adobe Employee

            The problem was resolved earlier today by failing over to secondary servers. Unfortunately when we tried to fail back to the (higher performing) primary servers later in the day, we encountered another issue.


            The system should be healthy again and we apologize that you've been impacted twice today.