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    Text Renderining & CYMK Conversion

    MikeKPhoto Level 2

      I have been working on a Flyer that contained both text and images. The printer's preference was a CYMK PDF file; but would accept an RGB file as well.


      So saved my layered Photoshop document as an RGB PDF and it looked great. So then with the same document, flattened the image, converted to CYMK and saved again as a PDF. The images from the CYMK version look great, but the text looked terrible and not usable. Maybe due to the text being rasterized?


      So I restarted and this time, decided not to flatten with the CYMK conversion - ooops, that caused some of the text layers, but not all,  to go from 12p Calibri to 2.8 pt - ooh, that does not seem right to me.


      Running the latest version of CS6 Perpetual license last update  - Windows 7 x64


      Is this normal behavior?




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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          A few things to think about.


          You absolutely shouldn't flatten the image before exporting to PDF.  That is a huge no no.  Leave all layers intact, and use the High Quality Print preset when exporting to PDF.  You can test this by opening up the saved PDF in Acrobat, Foxit or whatever, and zooming way way in.  Text should remain vectored and perfectly sharp no matter how far you zoom in.


          This will probably have been handled correctly by Photoshop, but you need to make sure that any blacks are exported as 'True Black' when in the CMYK mode, with the CMYK values on the left.

          True Black.jpg

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            MikeKPhoto Level 2

            I used the High Quality Print Option in the PDF dialog, the problem seems to be the RGB to CYMK conversion. Converting the layered RGB file to CYMK corrupts the fonts on two of the layers. As I mentioned, they go from 12 point to 2.8 point should not the text layers remain intact with the conversion and not change in size?