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    Sign in to every app constantly and at every reboot

    D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      I have now signed in so many times today I can do it blindfolded.


      I've tried signing out and back in to the CC desktop app repeatedly, and I've tried renaming the opm.db file in the OOBE user folder. That only made it worse, from sporadic to constant.


      What more can I do? I'm ready for anything.




      This is a new Win7 pro installation to an i5 system - three years old but two days ago I changed the system drive to an SSD, and reinstalled everything from scratch. I made sure to fully update the OS before I started installing the CC apps. I have installed Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and Acrobat.


      Here's a possible catch: I used the standalone installer packages available at ProDesign Tools - the reason being that I have very slow internet at home, and three to four hours for one single application to download is simply not an option. The OS updates are as much as this connection can handle, if I take a few at a time. So I downloaded the installers at work and took them home. Same for the update installers (and that's when the real trouble began).


      So what can I do, what are my options here?