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    I can't get the CC installer to work nor get support to answer their phones

    Dunc.F Level 1

      I reciently changed the status of my CC subscription,  I was told to install a new version of the CC installer so my changes would be reflected.

      I downloadedd the new installer started it up and then found I needed to use the uninstall program to uninstall it.

      I did that and then tried to run the new installer,  It just hung

      I tried running the CC cleaner tool but no change,

      Just for grins I repaired my permissions but no change

      Then I tries a clean boot and tried the install inside of that.  No change


      So prior to last night I had probably 3 calls to tech services but their advice did not cure my issue.

      Last night I called twice and waited 30 minutes each tome before being cut off

      And again today I got in the cue and was cit off after an hour. 

      When I cakked back they said it would be a 2 hour wait and no offer to take my number and have soneone call back


      Does anyone out there have suggestions for me?