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    How to share a project on the same PC

    ChrisBrewster Level 1
      Well.. my daughter decided to get married just before my deadline, so I'll be 2000 miles from the office... and I want to let a co-worker who's familiar with the proejct make any last-minute changes (if they're urgent enough). I added his ID to the permissions on the necessary directories. He logs on to my PC, opens Robohelp, but it won't let him open the project. What kind of permission or authorization does he need besides having him added to all the directories and files? (We checked, and the directory permission was propagated to all the files.) Thanks for any answers.

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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi Christopher

          I guess a bigger question here is: Can your co-worker log in and even create a project? Any project? If not, you have larger issues. But the answer may be as simple as having your co-worker create a folder and you copy the files to the folder they have no problem accessing.

          This should go without saying, but I'm assuming that your co-worker is actually sitting in front of your PC when the attempt is made, no? Otherwise, you are working on a LAN connection.... Shudder...

          Cheers... Rick
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            ChrisBrewster Level 1
            Thanks for the response. Here's some more detail. Yes, my co-worker logs on to my PC, no LAN involved. He can get into the needed directories and can open files in them-- I did Properties-Security-Add on the directories and this gave him permission for all the files. But somehow Robohelp knows the project isn't his even though he has permission for all the files. It says something like "cannot open project database", mentioning a file with extension .cpd. But this file, and all the other files, show my co-worker's ID as one of the owners. Any ideas?
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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

              RoboHelp will only work for the logon that was used to install RoboHelp which was yours. So if your colleague is sitting at your PC using their logon, it is not going to work.

              You have two options.

              Uninstall RH and reinstall it with your colleague's logon remembering they must have admin rights when installing.

              Let your colleague use your logon. Yes I know about the security side. I only said it was an option, not the best solution.