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    Assessment Form


      Hello Team,


      I am trying to create a fillable pdf form (Employee Assessment Form). I am having difficulty in importing Excel vba code. I have all the related code at Excel vba. Could you please help me in solving this.




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          Wenlan_Du Level 2

          Hi Sailaja,


          Are you trying to import Excel data into response table in the fillable form? Is that's the case, FormsCentral doesn't support this functionality currently. You may send the PDF form to your customers and view the collected data in FormsCentral. No import is needed.




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            SailajaAduri Level 1

            Thank you Wenlan_Du for replying.


            Let me explain you my situation:

            I am new to Adobe fillable forms. My manager askedme create an fillable Employee Assessment form. This form has test boxes, where, I can enter specific data. Depending on this data, the textboxes need to change its background and font color. After entering the data, it is supposed to generate another text box (Final Assessment) where the actual employee is work assessment happens. Depending on the value it generates, the assessment textbox also needs to change its background and font color.


            There is no specific data storage is required. This is a kind of calculator.


            I am able to create the fully functional tool in MS Excel 2007. I do not have any idea how these calculations and textbox changes script can be exported to Fillable form.


            Please help.