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    Project won't open properly on other machines

      I built a project by importing the topics from a version of the project that crashed often. The project is now stable, but only on my machine. It's uploaded to Sharepoint. When another author works on it when I'm away, there are hundreds of broken links.
      I thought it might be the cpd file, so I deleted and tried to recompile but all of the folders disappeared completely, and displayed 40 broken links. There are several hundred pages in the project.
      The hhp file .chm reference =Myproject.chm - not a path on my hard drive - there are no multimedia files and very images.

      Some of the file names contained special characters in German, Portuguese and Spanish (accents) and some file names contained commas which I of course edited out. Some file names were up to 70 characters in length, which I have shortened.

      We have 30 HF projects, all built the same way with the same structure, but only this one gives problems, even though it has been "built from scratch" twice.

      Any ideas?

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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi tr2k

          Ideas? Yes, many...

          First off. HUGE red flag here. Sharepoint. Conjures images of a focal point for a big no no with RoboHelp. Sharing. Sharing indicates a common access point that all can get to. And this, my friend, indicates your project is stored on a LAN drive.

          Move it to your local drive.

          Okay, okay now stop the whining about the fact that your other 30 or so projects have been working just dandy this way. The unfortunate fact here is that up to this point, you have simply been lucky. If you do some poking around, you will find many posts here is this forum about issues that were resolved when a project was moved off a LAN and onto the local drive. Some will probably try and say "it's just coincidental" that this works. But we find it awfully odd that problems like these melt away once you are working locally. Coincidence happens once in a while, but more than a few times (as almost anyone who has watched these forums on a regular basis can attest) is not simple coincidence.

          Cheers... Rick :)