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    Pdf 'press quality' settings guide?


      Is there a guide to export settings for pdfs at commercial (press quality), please?

      Although I have CS6 update (8.0.2) for InDesign, the choices for pdf export settings display only three (high quality, [PDF/X-1a:2001(Japan)], [PDF/X-1a:2003]).

      It is possible the second option is for press (downloaded from Peter Spier's helpful suggestion in 2009), but since the old 'Press Quality' preset setting has long since vanished as an option, the alternative cure of un-installing and then reinstalling InDesign in the hope of retrieving this once dependable setting, seems a draconian and slightly numpty workaround!

      Instead, I wonder if there is a guide (or cheatsheet) that will help me identify the correct settings I need to create my own Preset that would equate to the lost 'Press Quality' settings?

      any advice most welcome!