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    Iphone App crashes since using Air 4.0

    Mark AWM

      I have an APP called "Join Our Games Poker" into Itunes Store.


      It was generated using Flash Builder 4.7 with Air 3.9 SDK.  But since Apple change the requirements in the store, the only way

      to get an APP approved is using the Air 4.0  SDK Build 1619 or higer versions (now Im trying with Air SDK 13.0).


      Now I'm trying to publish a similar APP that uses the same code that Join Our Games Poker has, but with different name and graphics.

      I have to use Air 4.0  SDK Build 1619 or Air 13.0 to be able to publish it in the store.


      If I run this new APP in any simulator or even directly into my Iphone 4S using the USB cable and debugging mode through Flash Builder 4.7, it works fine.

      The same is true when I export a release build of this APP for Android.


      But when I export a release build for Iphone Distribution or AdHoc versions, my APP runs fine for a while, but at some point it crashes. Any clue about the problem I have?  Thanks.


      When I use Air 4.0, I got this log file in the Iphone 4S:



      Incident Identifier: 69F97CE4-C216-4A7D-B266-D628CC258B0C

      CrashReporter Key:   e1880407586bb5a94db8ec33042021d62227c4d2

      Hardware Model:      iPhone4,1

      Process:             Poker Casino School [264]

      Path:                /var/mobile/Applications/E15BDD44-6710-4FAE-A596-A37997AECBE2/Poker Casino School.app/Poker Casino School

      Identifier:          com.pokercasinoschool

      Version:             1.0.3 (1.0.3)

      Code Type:           ARM (Native)

      Parent Process:      launchd [1]


      Date/Time:           2014-02-27 00:51:48.942 -0600

      OS Version:          iOS 7.0.6 (11B651)

      Report Version:      104


      Exception Type:  00000020

      Exception Codes: 0x000000008badf00d

      Highlighted Thread:  0


      Application Specific Information:

      Poker Casino Sc[264] has active assertions beyond permitted time:


          <BKProcessAssertion: 0x16d81cf0> identifier: Suspending process: Poker Casino Sc[264] permittedBackgroundDuration: 10.000000 reason: suspend owner pid:28 preventSuspend  preventThrottleDownCPU  preventThrottleDownUI  preventSuspendOnSleep