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    Flex vs. Flash with ColdFusion

      I'm working with a team of offshore developers. I asked them about the Flex Cart Example -- this is similar to a development need that my company has. They evaluated Flex vs. Flash, both ontop of CFMX. They reported:


      The advantage for Flex is:
      1. Designed for developers. Easy to learn.
      2. It provides lots of built in controls that make the development easy and fast.

      The disadvantage for use Flex is:
      1. It requires a Java server, like Tomcat, JRun, etc.
      2. It consumes more server CPU.
      3. It is expensive.

      The advantage of use Flash is:
      1. We have all the control of everything so it is easy to make customization.
      2. It will run Faster. No additional load on the server side.
      Is this a fair evaluation? Development time is important to us.

      Also, we have CF Servers already, so I'm not sure of the cost.

      What about design? How much of those examples are using stock widgets that look handsome and come for "free" with Flex?

      Is the source code for the example provided anywhere?

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          Squidjobs Level 1
          OK, I've found the flex store tutorial, although I don't know if this provides all of the source code.

          Does anybody know how long it would take to adapt that flex cart to another store that provides a nice interface for search results and thumbnails (assume that this part is easy)?

          Thanks again,
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            ntsiii Level 3
            Their analysis is partially correct for Flex 1.5, and completely wrong for Flex 2.0 (beta, release expected this month)

            Flex 2.0 does not have ANY of the disadvantages listed: It requires no server, and it is free(it can be completely free, but you will probably want the ide, about $700). Now, Flex is a client side technology. For data services, a server is necessary. Flex 2.0 and CF integrate very well (as I understand, I don't do CF myself)

            Client-side speed is no different, both Flex and Flash produce a swf that runs on the client. "Flex is Flash". Even in 1.5, the server load is only for the first download because the swf is cached locally.

            The advantages are correct. Enterprise development methodology compatibility was one of the driving forces for Flex's creation.

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              ntsiii Level 3
              The Flex store example main page says "This application and code come with the Flex trial". Now this is clearly a 1.5 app. You will want to go straight to 2.0. But if it can be done in 1.5 it can be done better in 2.0..