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    InDesign hasn't saved file changes

    KevinAtkins Level 1

      I've just spent a whole morning working on a file, and NONE of the changes that I've made to the document have been saved by InDesign.


      I've saved regularly as I've gone, and I've received no error messages or warnings from InDesign, yet I've reopened the exact same file, and there are no changes to how it was when I left it yesterday. The modification date says 'Yesterday 17:01,' so the file appears not to have been updated by Indesign.


      I've retreived an 'in progress' version from my last Time Machine backup (12:01 today), and a lockfile that was also backed up in Time Machine, and that was next to the file – but nothing. I notice the Lockfile is zero kb, but I don't know if that's usual.


      I'm OS X 10.9.2, and InDesign CC 9.2. This is a whole mornings work down the drain, and I'm on a tight schedule in a busy department: how exactly can this happen without even throwing an error?

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          Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          InDesign Lock files are generated when you open a document, this ensures nobody else can open the document. 0kb is usual as it's just a way of locking the file to one user only using the document.


          Saving regularly is important, and you've recovered a version from your Time Machine, so apparently the changes were saved, but you seem to have somehow lost changes along the way.


          It's always been best practice to save every 5 minutes, but also use File>Save As and use versioning numbers.


          Especially on tight schedules, long document projects, lots of changes.



          I know it's too late now - but hopefully it can prevent future issues.



          As for your question about how it can happen... impossible to tell unless you give step by step working procedures.

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            KevinAtkins Level 1

            Eugene, thanks for your reply.


            Please don't take this the wrong way, but I really do not need advice on saving regularly: this is something that's been ingrained in me for at least 25 years (yes, I've been in this industry for a long time), and from hard-learnt experience. In this case, I saved after every page was complete, and after any major shuffle of page content – that was probably about thirty times on this document, minimum. That's not including manual, incremental backups and Time Machine – which did backup the file as I worked, but which shows taht these backups had no changes.


            I appreciate you cannot trouble shoot my methods, but whilst I could quite easily give a step-by-step working procedure, I don't see how this would enable me to address the issue of InDesign not having saved changes to disk, or not committing them to the document file, or how it would enable me to recoup the lost work and time.


            I also appreciate your 'faith' in InDesign's infallibility, but let's not forget that this isn't the first time that InDesign has displayed this type of issue – I remember an earlier incarnation of IDD CC having the same issue, albeit only with certain files. Fortunately this was addressed quickly, and it didn't result in the loss of any work, on my part anyway.

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              Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP



              I can only offer a safer method of saving your files, using a File>Save As instead of a File>Save and using versoining numbers. The advice is solid, and these forums are indexed by search engines, so hopefully my advice will be heeded in years to come,


              I know it didn't solve  your dilemma, but it wasn't intended to, it was a word of advice, and prior to your latest post, I had no idea how long you were in the industry or what you consider to be safe practices.


              It's impossible to know these things unless it's specified before I hit reply...


              I'm not an expert on Time Machine, but it's quite possible that your file wasn't saved as the IDLK file prevented the file from being saved - but Time Machine somehow took a saved copy anyway - I'm not sure how that would work though? As that's not my understanding of how Time Machine works.


              It's also possible that you saved your file and it was backed up by Time Machine, and then the IDLK was still in place, when you opened InDesign again it referred to the Backup file located (located in Prefereces) to restore an older version of your file.


              IDLK files are not always removed when you close InDesign, especially after crashes, the IDLK files can remain, linking InDesign to open Backups of your files saved from the Preferences.


              As is my understanding.



              If you can easily give a step-by-step of your procedures then why didn't you? How can anyone troubleshoot what went wrong if they can't follow what you did step-by-step?



              How you the recoup the lost time is up to you - as I've stated before, safer method of saving  your files is to use File>Save As and use versioning numbers, rather than using File>Save and only having 1 version of your file on record. If you follow the Save As rule then you can avoid these diasters.


              I have absolutely no idea what you mean when you say "I also appreciate your 'faith' in InDesign's infallibility"


              Where in the whole reply did I say that InDesign was "infalliabl[ity]e"?


              If you saw this type of behaviour before and were aware of it then why haven't you adopted safer Saving procedures?


              For example, I use the File>Save As and versioning numbers. I also have everything saved on a server that's backed up every evening. Those files are shadow copied onto a personal drive on the server, and also on a cloud storage system outside the office.



              Look - let's not get into who smells like what...


              What happened here was an error with saving your file that you didn't notice. How it happened I don't know because you have refused to give the step-by-steps to recreate the issue.


              If I can't recreate the issue I can't offer any advice to how it happened or how to resolve it.

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                KevinAtkins Level 1

                Hi Eugene.


                Yes – 'let's not get into who smells like what...', there was inded an error saving the file that the I didn't notice.


                Let's just hope it doesn't happen again.


                Many thanks for your 'help.'

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                  SJRiegel Adobe Community Professional & MVP


                  This is a long shot, but have you recently packaged the file? If so, you may have been working on one instance of the file, but looking for your changes in the other one. I've done this before, and had a mini-panic before I realized what had happened.

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                    Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                    There's also a known issue with CC and Mavericks not being able to save files. If you are using the keybaoed shortcut, don't, so that you can see if the menu commands are active. Being  Windows user I haven't paid a lot of attention, but I think the current workaround is to export as .idml.


                    If you look, you'll find at least one long thread about this.

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                      BDinkar Adobe Employee

                      Hello Kevin,


                      I believe the issue you faced is been faced by other users as well. If it is the same issue then, if you look into the edit menu, you would find undo is disabled where as it should not. Save/Save As option is enalbed but then clicking on it is not actually saving the file.You can confirm that by seeing the file remains dirty ( star sign with the file name remains).


                      We are working hard to reproduce the issue at our end as we realize this is a serious issue where user is unaware of the fact that the work he is doing is actually not getitng saved. Also I am seeing mostly the Mavericks users are facing this ( though I cannot say this with surety).


                      We would update this thread as soon as we find something.




                      InDesign Engineering.

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                        Hi Dinkar


                        I am keen to know if this issue has been resolved yet. Your last post was in February and it is now May. I have encountered this problem on my Mac OS X 10.8.5 and InDesign CC 9.2.1. It has wasted my entire day and I've had to convert an entire book of 30 files back to IDML so that I can open them in CS6. This is a huge problem for us and I cannot go back to using CC until it's fixed.





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                          lwang-aifs Level 1

                          After a bit of fiddling and experimenting, I discovered that once I turned off Suitcase Fusion 5, the problems with InDesign appear to have been resolved. I hope this helps others.


                          Now to visit the Extensis forums...





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                            KevinAtkins Level 1

                            For anyone still following this thread, the issue still occurs, although not for a few weeks now. However, I'm now experiencing a new and exciting InDesign bug! Now, and like the previous issue, it's spurious and random, I can't always save file. I get a blank menu thus ...


                            Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 14.55.54.png


                            I've done a bit of research, and this does appear to be a known issue, with a plugin issued to some users to address the issue. I thought this might be Mac only, but I see that Windows users are also getting this.


                            If you get this problem, export your file to an .idml file – otherwise you'll loose all your changes since the last save. You can then open the .idml files and save as .indd again (after relaunching InDesign, obviously). Hope that helps.

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                              Bribribri1 Level 1

                              I just encountered this issue yesterday. I have been working on an indd file (cc 9.2.1) for over a week. Everything I did yesterday was not saved. I saved periodically throughout the day and when I opened it today none of my work from yesterday was there, even though it had a save time of 6:11 pm yesterday. Luckliy 99% of the stuff I had done was all linked files so it was a matter of putting them back in, but I cannot afford to have this happen again, especially if things are not so easy to redo. What is the update on this??

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                                To add my experience: I was able to export to .idml, and open it, but cannot 'save as.'


                                Turned off Suitcase Fusion 5 Auto Activation, and it will complete a 'save as.'

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                                  lwang-aifs Level 1

                                  There is a thread about this issue on the Extensis Suitcase forums:




                                  It suggests turning off 'Activate Fonts in Embedded Objects' in the plug-in preferences (InDesign > Preferences > Suitcase Fusion 5 Auto-Activation Preferences). Mine wasn't checked when I went to look, so I'm not sure if it works, but it seemed to work for the poster in the forum.


                                  Hope that helps.

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                                    I just upgraded to CC a few days ago, and then yesterday discovered that my current version of Suitcase (Fusion 3) would not work with CC… so I upgraded to Fusion 5. Based on your note, it looks like that was the kiss of death. I had a huge deadline tonight and was 4 hours late because the document wouldn't save, wouldn't undo, etc etc. Tried trashing preferences, caches, nothing….


                                    And I am NOT using Maverick yet. I am on 10.8.5.


                                    They acknowledged the problem in February and it still isn't resolved?? So frustrating!!!!