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    Get button to play timeline for specified length of time




      I have an animation in Edge, and I'm trying to make a button that can play the timeline for a specified amount of time and then stop, without the aid of labels. So, I figured if i set the button to sym.getSymbol("mysymbol").play(500);  it would make the timeline of that symbol play for 500 milliseconds each time the button is clicked, but it is not working, as this makes the whole thing simply start playing at 500ms. So I then tried adding a stop action after this: 



      But this didn't work, because I guess since these events are one after the other, it doesn't wait 500 seconds to stop, and it reads stop(500) immediately after the play instruction, so that didn't work either. Can anyone help me with this? I'm pretty new to javascript, but I've been really trying to learn it along with the Edge API for a couple weeks now and still can't seem to solve this problem.