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    ClickTAG and Edge CC Banners


      Okay, so it's been about 40 hours of research...

      so i'm asking here!


      The thing is I am not a programer but a web designer,

      so maybe there is something I am missunderstanding...


      I have a banner that has to be hosted on Smart Ad Media Server.

      The banner itself has a symbol with a click event on it, which is


      window.open(clickTag, '_blank');


      I read this post here



      but I don't really get it on how to setup the clickTag elsewhere than

      on my click event...


      What I need is that it calls clickTag and then my ad server does the job of forwardinf to the good url...


      I have read the documentations on the IAB website here too

      but can't figuere out on how to do all of this



      A step by step guide would be helpful,

      so if someone can have an answer for me, thank you!