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    Indesign keeps centering the page on screen - ID9.2 BUG?

    GrizzlyHippo Level 1

      Hi, a little help from the Adobe please...


      Over the last week or so we have noticed that the latest version of InDesign CC (9.2) has a page viewing bug. Or at least it's a bug for us here. Adobe might have added it as a feature, but to us it's a bug.


      Not all the time, but about 95% of the time, InDesign is centering the page in the open window when you click in a text box, when you swap between open windows (cmd & ~) and when you press tab and you don't have a text box selected.


      To explain the annoyance: When we are viewing a double page spread, we click into text boxes on both pages to edit text and InDesign automatically centers one of the pages on the screen. This is not always the page that you are working on. This is a pain as the text box you have just clicked in to edit may now be outside of the viewable window and you then need to scroll over to see that portion of the page.


      On top of this the bug is playing havoc with our eyes as it keeps shifting the pages, sometimes by about an inch and suddenly where you were looking is no longer there, it's moved an inch. Grrrrrr.


      We are running Mac OSX 10.8.5, InDesign CC 9.2, dual monitor setups, Wacom Intuos 5 tablets (not mice). We cannot use Application Frame as we are running Apple 23" screens and have all our pallettes on the 2nd screen so that we can see a full A4 page at 100% on the main monitor. We have had these hardware setups for the last 3 years+ and this bug has only reared it's head in the last week... hence we think it's in ID 9.2.


      Does anyone know what this is and whether it is a new setting Adobe have introdcued that needs to be switched off somewhere?


      Manyn thanks,
      Tom Grzelinski