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      How can i implement gmaps.js into Edge Animate for geolocation? I´ve tried to copy and paste code from some examples, but I can´t make it work... The div i want to use as a map always stays blank and i don´t know how make the maps appear. i add the right scripts in edge, but i can´t make it work... This is one of the codes i´ve tried in "compositionReady"...


      var map = new GMaps({

                 el: sym.$("contenedor"),

                 lat: 40,

                 lng: -3



      where 'sym.$("contenedor")' is the div where i´m trying to render the map in the main stage...


      Any ideas will be much appreciated.



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          hemanthR Adobe Employee

          From the gmaps.js example i see that the first property in GMaps is 'div' and it expects a selector value and not a jquery object

          Ex:Draw a rectangle on stage and give it a class name like contenedor.

          Your object will look like

          var map = new GMaps({

                     div: ".contenedor",

                     lat: 40,

                     lng: -3


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            davidpc1976 Level 1

            First of all, thanks for your help, but it´s still not working... i don´t know why, but i´ve tried a lot of different combinations with different selectors and the div stays blank.

            If i just type the code in a text editor and save it as html, it works, but if i do it in Edge, i can´t make it work...

            I´d like to make it work in Edge because of all the advantages it gives...

            if you ever need it and make it work, please, let me know how you do it... i´ll keep trying.