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    Converting LUTs to Camera Profiles in the DNG Profile Editor

    kinkersnick127 Level 1



      I've just started using the DNG Profile Editor, and can't seem to get the process right.


      I have some film LUTs that I'd like to convert to camera profiles for my 5D Mk II.


      Here's how I'm trying to do it, maybe someone can help me figure out what I'm doing wrong.


      This is what I tried first:


      1. Take a Color Chart into Photoshop, apply the LUT via Color Lookup adjustment layer.

      2. Save out as 16bit TIFF

      3. Open as Camera Raw, then save out as DNG

      4. Open the adjusted color chart into DNG Profile Editor, run it through the color chart section to create a recipe of color adjustments.

      5. Export out as Camera Profile


      But when I open up a 5D image in Lightroom, the profile doesn't show up in the list, so I realised maybe it needs to be saved specifically as a 5D profile, but I can't figure out how.


      If I:


      1. Do steps 1-4 as above

      2. Open a 5D DNG file so that I can set a 5D profile as the base profile

      3. Load the recipe


      The color adjustments appear on the color wheel, but nothing happens to the 5D image, no colour change at all.

      Exporting it (which does say 'Export as 5D profile') does then give me a profile that shows up in Lightroom, but it doesn't do anything to the image...


      What's the correct way of doing this?