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    Mapped Path being used instead of UNC Path

    Lee Valley Tools

      We have recently upgraded our Adobe products from CS3 to CC.  In CS3, images that were added to InDesign had the UNC path in the "Links".  With CC, we are finding that the Mapped Path is in the "Links".  This different behaviour is causing some issues.


      Here is the process that we are using to add images to an InDesign file:

      1.  Open Bridge

      2.  Browse to a folder (X:\ which is mapped to \\Server\Hi-Res\)

      3.  Drag and drop an image from Bridge to InDesign


      In CS3, a path of "X:\MyFolder\MyImage.tif" would get converted to \\Server\Hi-Res\MyFolder\MyImage.tif

      In CC, the path remains as "X:\MyFolder\MyImage.tif" which is causing us some issues.


      Is there a way, in InDesign CC, to tell the application to use UNC paths when a Link is created - similar to what we were experiencing with CS3?