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    Dz(00) Level 1
      I've got a number of mc's on the stage each overlapping each other.

      When the user mouseover each mc, I want that mc to appear infront of the other mc's

      would I use getNextHighestDepth?

      thanks in advance
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          2m Level 2
          You could do that, but you will eventually run out of dedths that way (even if it is a more theoretical thing in most cases I admit.)

          What I would suggest is, reserving on (upmost) depth as presentation and swap the clip to that depth, but only after storing it's original dept on it as a property (like: this.orgDepth=this.getDepth();) the I store the presented clip in some variable that is accesible for all others (e.g. _global.presentedClip = this;) with the next clip that is to be shown, I set the _global.presentedClip back to ists old depth, then store the orgDepth of the new clip, and swap it to the presentation depth.
          That is one way, where I make sure, that all clips go back to their original depth, if you wnat them to re-order you must sort down all those that have been on a higher level than the one you pick up, use arrays for that.
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            panell Level 1
            Something like this:
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              Dz(00) Level 1
              perfect - thanks very much