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    New Build for Super Premiere PC is not so super fast - Help Please!


      Hi Everyone,


      Just finished a new PC build that I was hoping to be super responsive but I feel that it is not performing to expectations. Is there anything I can do other than the current hardware set up I have. I have not done any overclocking yet but I thought it should run pretty fast as is.


      Here are the specs:


      Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth X79

      CPU: Intel 4930k

      RAM: 64 gb Ballistix elite

      GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 780

      OS and Program Drive: Samsung EVO ssd 250gb

      Editing Drive: Samsung EVO ssd 750gb


      system is running at 40C so it stays cool.


      Bios is set to optimal defualts currenty.


      Issues - while playing the timeline at full res (DSLR HD footage) it still stalls at times. I thought this set up would shred through footage and be able to handle much more with no sweat.


      Are there any other configrations I can consider with my current hardware to optimize the performance of Premiere Pro CC.


      Thanks for your suggestions and help!