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    How do I install Presenter 9?

    Lam Video Dude Newcomer

      I removed Ver 8 prior to install but I get an error about a previous version being installed that must be removed when I try to isntall Ver 9.

      I had tried to download the trial version at one time, but aborted the download because the files was 1 GIGABYTE and there was no progress bar or any indication of progress so I thought it had stopped. How do I clear registry of previous Presenter versions?

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          Rave Legend

          Hi Lam Video Dude,


          Did you install Presenter 8  as a part of eLearning Suite 6.1

          Please select 'eLearning Suite 6.1' in 'Add / Remove programs' in 'Control panel' and click "uninstall".


          Then you will get option to select the products which you need to uninstall.

          Select "Presenter 8" only and uninstall it.


          Then install Presenter 9.


          Let me know if this works for you.

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            Mayank_M Champion

            Hi Lam Video Dude,


            Greetings from Adobe.


            If you had already uninstalled Presenter 8 then it might be the possibility that some files are still left in your system for Presenter 8. Please go to the below locations and manually delete the folders


            for Presenter 8 (if found any ) and then try to install Presenter 9 again :



            1. Type "regedit" in "Run" and press ok. Then go to : HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Adobe > Adobe Presenter. Right click on "Adobe Presenter" folder and delete it.


            2. Then go to : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Software > Adobe > Adobe Presenter Video Creator. Right click on "Adobe Presenter Video Creator" folder and delete it.


            3.  Go to :  " C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Presenter 8.0 " (For 32 bit Presenter)  or  " C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Presenter 8.0 " ( For 64 bit) and delete "Adobe Presenter 8.0 " Folder.


            4. Go to : C:\Users\ [username] \AppData\Local\Adobe and delete "Preseter 8.0" Folder (if found).


            Also make sure that for 32 bit PowerPoint you need to install 32 bit Presenter 9 and for 64 bit PowerPoint you need to install 64 bit Presenter 9 irrespective of your OS bit.


            Let me know if this works for you.