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    Hi, I just watched a Collin Smith How to Hide a Face with AE video. I'm stuck on mask movement size


      I created the mask successfully and I can get it to follow the face while hiding it... but as the person moves away, I'd like to change the mask to a smaller size to avoid covering more than the head.


      Here's the video: http://tv.adobe.com/watch/no-stupid-questions-with-colin-smith/how-to-hide-a-face-in-after -effects/


      Here's the question I left for Collin Smith:


      Hi, your video was extremely clear and I followed along well. My one question is... what if the person moves closer and further away. When the person is close my mask is perfect, but as they move away it becomes too large and covers shoulders and back. Is there anyway to adjust the size of the mask like we do the position as he moves? Thanks again.