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    a big mess with adobe digital


      I have three or four books from my old computer that were in an e-pub library.  I now have a windows 7 computer. I have tried to get the last 4 books in the library to convery to PDF as they are an ACM file in download. I am instructed to enter my adobe id and password in order to load the books.  However, I get a box that asks me to put in my Adobe ID and password, which I do.  I am constantly given a 'not authorized' message. I have adressed the problem with the original pople that I bought the ebooks from and they told me to find information on converting from adobe digital to pdf files.  I keep going around in circles about this.  I can't get to the next step to convert if adobe won't accept my id and password, and then what if  a coversion doesn't work. Yikes