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    Cannot Update Camera Raw to 8.3 in Photoshop CC Education Package

    New York Film Academy

      I was wondering if there is anyone out there who has experienced the same issues as me. I need to install the latest update for Camera Raw 8.3 and am having no luck. When logged into the creative cloud application, it shows me that Photoshop is up to date (screenshot 01). After checking About Plug-in . Camera Raw, I can see that I am running version so I tried updating directly from the help menu in Photoshop CC (screenshot 02) and the option is not available. Last, but not least I was able to find the standalone download for both camera raw 8.3 and the beta version of 8.4 but both will not install, giving me an error that the administrator has suppressed updates (screenshot 03) which is not true as I am the admin.


      Can someone please help me with this asap? I need to install this as soon as possible as we have upwards of 30 students using the Nikon D610 and unfortunately we cannot open any of the .NEF into Photoshop. If there is any other relevant information you think I did not provide, please let me know and will try to get this info updated.


      Thank you and hopefully there is a solution out there.




      01.png 02.png03.png


      Message was edited by: NYFA I guess that I should add that I am also an individual CC member at home and do not have the same issues there. I don't want to jump to conclusions, but I feel like this is isolated more to team, educational, or enterprise users.