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    Flash Locking up when I start to type a '.' or a ','


      I hope someone can help me out with this.

      I just did a fresh install on windows 7 - new drive and everything.



      I installed flash CS6 and am having issues w/ flash locking up - popping that window - Adobe Flash CS6 is not responding.

      Its Flash Professional CS6 -


      The odd thing is its just happening it in certain situations.


      For example, if I type a period (.) or a comma(,) it starts the hang.

      I eventualy have to kill and and restart flash.


      In some instances, it comes back, but if I do it again, it hangs.

      Its almost like it trying to look for a code hint or something.


      I've also noticed that it only seems to happen in AS3 files not AS2 files.


      If anyone can give me any type of lead here - that would be great.