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    Connection Error with Adobe Digital Editions

    Bonita123 Level 1

      Hello everyone,

      I recently got a new computer and decided to delve into e-books as I find myself on the go more. I previously only used Adobe Digital Editions with libraries so I haven't had to authorize my computer. On this new computer I downloaded Adobe Digital Editions 3.0 and purchased a couple of e-books. I can open A.D.E, and I can view other pdf files from my computer personally- but when it comes to authorizing my computer to open the purchased e-books it always says "Connection Error". I know I do not have a connection error as I am able to download videos, surf the web and even post this question. I've tried uninstalling 3.0 and installing 2.0. I've tried 1.7, I tried "reauthorizing" my computer as one of the help forums put it, I even tried talking with support the day before and the lady said that it was a technical error but that no one was online in tech support. (Problem is, now I can't find tech support or a chat for this specific issue)


      The new computer is a Windows 8 if that matters, and I tried downloading an app to view the e-books- that required authorizing and while the program said that my computer was authorized it still wouldn't open the e-books. The e-books were purchased from ebooks.com and linked by Random House so I don't think it's faulty purchasing.


      Any help you all might have would be GREATLY appreciated.